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    Create your future on your terms.

    It’s your life, your dreams and it’s time to prioritize them.

    Many people are searching for the term life coach. What does that really mean and what does a mindset coach or life coach do?

    I work with you and alongside you as your personal life coach. For years I have been studying human behaviour as it’s vital to know what we do and also what we don’t do that stands in the way of our potential.

    Being a life coach and facilitator affords me a very unique outlook on the way people live their lives. I’m extremely fortunate to have a set of skills that allows me to dissolve challenges and also the baggage or ‘bags of age’ that we carry around. These literally take up time and space in your life and when these are negative they can weigh us down and create reactions as well as signs and symptoms. Your mindset is that important.

    Hi, I'm Mandy Beverley

    I am a certified facilitator of human behaviour and human potential. 

    Most focus on a specific area but here at Remarkable we know that creating your ideal life means taking a good look at your whole life. You are not a segmented human being. You are multi-faceted. You can’t be a great executive if you are constantly feeling undermined,  or an entrepreneur that is trying to solve your personal problems in your own business. Every part of us impacts every part of us.

    I know you are a big thinker and a high achiever. If you have ever said to yourself I need a life coach or where can I find a life coach you are on your way to an extraordinary life. Why? Because you are prepared to change what you are doing. This is why many people have chosen Mandy Beverley as their lifestyle coach.

    What is the difference between:  


    That’s easier said than done. We are often too close to our own ‘stuff’ to see it. Sir Albert Einstein famously said that you cannot create solutions to your problems with the same level of thinking that created the problems in the first place. Most of us spend 90% of our time on the problem and only 10% on the solution. It’s time to change that with a life coach business model that is focused solely on you getting your best outcome.

    In order for things to change, the way you look at things have to change. 

    Executive Life Coach
    Professional Life Coach

    Personal Life Coach
    Spiritual Life Coach

    I work with both men and women that want to create a remarkable life.

    Each part of our lives impact greatly on another. It’s hard to switch off life and work. You can end up taking your work home and your home-life to work. Now more so than ever! If things are less than ideal it’s hard to separate the two. When we see the chaos, and we feel our energy and our life force dissipate, we are showing up as less than our true selves. We feel out of balance and we begin to just go through the motions.

    Don’t let your life feel disconnected. Have someone you can work with as a life mentor or a mindset life coach . This will help you face anything that threatens to stop the momentum you are building towards your dreams. After all, it’s your life, your dreams and it’s time to prioritize them.

    Some common questions I get asked:  

    Am I a life coach for women or men?

    What can a life coach do for me?

    Is an off line or online life coach more effective?



    A life coach is focused on you developing the skills to create a remarkable life. 

    The most important first step is a remarkable mindset that will help you move your life towards your goals. Mindset underpins everything we do here at Remarkable.

    Because of my human behavior and universal law background we show you some common misperceptions that will be creating extra stress and angst in your life and how to move past these quickly. It’s like receiving a guide book to life. If you dissolve any stress and build the resilience and strategies to get what you want in life you are definitely on your way.

    Some of the best life coaches I know are not focused just on positive psychology. They know how to help you deal with both the positive and the negative aspects of life otherwise the past keeps influencing your future. Everything is energy!

    You will keep bringing old fears and past hurts into your relationships or new ventures if you keep dealing with life’s surprises the way you are currently doing so.

    Life coaching works. Why? Because you are investing in yourself.  

    Life coaching will give you the confidence and clarity to create your future on your terms. 

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    How to master your mindset and rediscover you.

    In this free guide you’ll learn 10 steps to master the energetic and mindset principles to elevate your thinking and get out of your own way. You are Remarkable! It’s time to claim it.