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    We know when you have a remarkable mindset, you will shift the things that hold you back.

    There are some great group facilitation training programmes available. I’ve found the results we’re able to produce is because we have a remarkable facilitation training for dissolving emotional charge and the things that keep us stuck.

    We design workshops for your specific requirements around the topics of mindset and the ability to master and grow your mindset.

    We focus on the energetics beneath the business decisions that you make.
    Whether you are wanting to build inspiration and clarity in business, or re energise your mindset, or the more advanced facilitation training where we dissolve conflict and challenges we can deliver.

    Trained and certified in the advanced scientific process called The Demartini Method® we use this method to help you change your perceptions and way of viewing and experiencing life. “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”

    In other words you will walk out the door after the workshop with very different perceptions than when you walked in.

     The focus is on your mindset.

    Our workshops and events are focused on educating you to be resourceful, resilient and transformative in your thinking.

    No more standing in your own way!

    Group Facilitation Training

    Want to talk about how we can help your organisation?

    I want you to become masterful in developing good facilitation skills, so you can help yourself through some of life’s many surprises. 

    Remarkable Clarity

    Our Remarkable Clarity Workshop is designed to help you gain clarity around decision making and stepping up to the next level. When you are inspired and enthused in business this energises your whole organisation, so we look at what’s in the way of that. Sometimes some tough conversations have to happen ( with ourselves) to make sure everyone is on board. Clarity creates certainty.

    The Mind Spa

    The Mind Spa was created to help us elevate our everyday thinking. How many of us prioritise our minds, and make sure that we are not letting the past influence our future actions. When we exfoliate old patterns of behaviour and revitalise our mindset we reset the foundations for what we say we want. This 3 part workshop helps to unpack fears, and doubts as well as give you universal knowledge for every day being. 

    Art & Science

    In our Art & Science workshop we look at the perceptions, filters and beliefs you look experience life through. The relationships that cause you pain and stress, or the biggest challenges you face can take us off track so easily. We teach you a method you can use anytime. Our Art and Science workshop is based on the advanced facilitation training where I teach a scientific process called the Demartini Method®.   

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    The facilitation tools and the facilitation methods that are used in our one day workshops will have you looking at life very differently. These courses are held as small group facilitation courses. Being a facilitator of human behaviour and potential, it’s important to look at what’s in the way of us living life as we want. 

    Group Facilitation Workshops

    How to master your mindset and rediscover you.

    In this free guide you’ll learn 10 steps to master the energetic and mindset principles to elevate your thinking and get out of your own way. You are Remarkable! It’s time to claim it.