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    mind spa

    Take your mind to the Spa.

    In order to stay young and vital you take your body to the spa, but how often do you prioritise your mind?

    The one-day Mind Spa experience is an introduction to Universal concepts that will transform your life. You’ll gain the wisdom earned with age without the process of ageing. I call this workshop a light skip across some very deep concepts.

    The Mind Spa was created to help you face your biggest fears and expand your thinking. There is a way to overcome your biggest challenges, even if you’re stuck in a holding pattern of overwhelm and chaos.

    Our mindset, perceptions and beliefs age us far more than any outside influence, so your mind is your most powerful tool. If you ask me, revitalising your mind is just as important as how you look after your skin.

    Using the same concept of going to the spa, the Mind Spa experience gives time and attention to your mind. You’ll learn how to flow more gracefully through life and how to overcome life's hurdles

    Cleanse and tone your basic thought patterns

    Exfoliate old patterns of behaviour

    Resurface unconscious fears so you can dissolve them

    Revitalise your thinking and repair some long held beliefs

    Intensify your results with gratitude, inspiration and appreciation

    At the Mind Spa you will:

    Extracting and exfoliating past events and stale thinking will give you a Remarkable Advantage in life. Dissolve the fears that are holding you back. Expand your thinking and your life.

    Client Testimonials

    “The workshop was an incredibly valuable experience and one I will remember for the rest of my life. It has allowed me to let go of my anger and frustration towards the person I chose to focus on today. I found viewing traits from both sides and the positive and negative effects of these to be very valuable. One word for me going forward is believe.”

    - Laura D,

    “The course has opened my heart to looking at life from a different perspective. I liked that it was a small group environment. I feel more balanced and will look at my future decision making from a totally different perspective. Thank you Mandy for your gentle, informative and powerful day of discovery.“

    - Ewa H-S

     Give time and attention to your mind

    Learn how to flow more gracefully through life and how to overcome life's hurdles.

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