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    Is your leadership costing you?

    Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, according to Gallup.

    63% are not engaged, lacking motivation and drive to go the extra mile.

    24% are actively disengaged, unhappy, unproductive, and spreading negativity.

    If your leadership is costing your organisation in productivity, potential and success consider this:

    And if leadership is not engaged and inspired, your organization has an uphill battle on its hands.

    The culture you are creating in your organization, the level of employee engagement, and the well-being of you and your employees all directly influence the growth of your company.

    If you are having issues getting your staff to feel aligned to the numbers, then it all comes back to you. How inspired are you? How engaged are you? 

    Client Testimonials

    “Working with Mandy has completely changed the way I feel about our business – getting me excited about what we do again. The biggest impact has come from helping us gain clarity around why we do what we do and where we want to go, as it's enabled us to talk about the business in a totally different way. She's helped us overcome some fears that were holding us back (although we've still got a ways to go) and has held us accountable to actually making the changes that we've said we're going to make.

     Since working with Mandy, I've felt more relaxed and in control, and am really excited about where we're taking the business now. If you're feeling stuck or a bit directionless, talk to Mandy and I'm sure she'll have just as big an impact on you as she's had on us.”

    - Verity Craft

    General Manager & Storyteller

    “Having been in business for over 8 years, we had gone about our strategic planning in a number of different ways. Still, we ended up with a plan that we were excited about while we were in the room, but felt disconnected to when it came time to do anything. Suffice to say, we didn’t make much progress and when we did it felt like a drag.

    Mandy created a whole new framework to take us through and breathed new life into our planning. She started with us as people and, from a deeply entrenched values base, helped us to imagine our ‘blue sky’. We may not have the numeric metrics, but we have far more action – we’re back in love with our business, excited about what we’re doing and achieving more than ever before. Her approach has made a really big difference! Thank you Mandy xx”

    - Christina Wedgwood

    Director, Content Strategist, Writer

     3 Roadblocks That are Getting in the Way of Your Organization’s Success:

    There are always underlying actions and unconscious beliefs sitting in every organization. They affect not only the performance of your company, but also the company’s perception in the marketplace. Often there is a direct or indirect correlation back to you, the leader. At Remarkable, we can help you release, dissolve or re-evaluate those beliefs and actions that are tanking your organization’s performance.


     If you’re not instilling a feeling of purpose, and helping your team understand how their work matters and aligns with the company’s purpose and goals, it will reflect in your employees’ lack of engagement. At Remarkable, we can help you gain clarity of purpose that increases engagement, collaboration and innovation.


    If you are not talking in terms of your team’s values, then you are talking in your own and they are not hearing you. We are all wired into the ‘station’ W.I.I.F.M (what’s in it for me.) If you are not tuned in, they are tuning you out. At Remarkable, we can help you connect with your workforce, and communicate with clarity and heart.


    Employees need to feel their job has meaning

     Underlying actions and unconscious beliefs

    Your team's Values

    Redefine your vision and mission.

    Push your thinking.

    Learn how to break your own rules.

    Gain clarity so everyone’s on board with how to move forward.

    Raise the bar on employee engagement for a more prosperous future.

    You’ll create an internal energy system in your company that harnesses the creativity and inspiration that is undercapitalized. Now you are a leader instead of a boss. 

    When was the last time you talked about your dreams, goals and inspirations and what's in the way of them happening? Out loud. With no judgement. Just creativity, inspiration and solutions. This is one of the most powerful things you can do in your business and life.

    Remarkable Clarity is the way forward. We’ll empower you to:

    Vision + Purpose + Clarity = Vitality

    It’s time to stop holding your company back unconsciously by not realizing how crucial mindset is to the bottom line.

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