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    Your Remarkable Story

    Are you over being stuck and overwhelmed?

    Are you ready to unlock your potential?

    Your life holds a Remarkable Story you have yet to tell.

    This one-day, advanced workshop empowers you to discover the exact steps to break through the internal and external barriers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.

    It’s time to raise your game and be the leader in your life. It’s time to learn how to transform any obstacle in your way.

    Become unstoppable, transformative, and inspiring in the face of any challenge with the knowledge you will learn at this workshop.

    As human beings we are so good at owning our smallness. We are experts at criticising and undermining ourselves. It’s time to own your greatness by seeing things from a different perspective. You instinctively know that your past influences your future. If the results you have are not what you want, it’s time to tell a different story. Dissolve the past and allow your future to unfold.

    Most people are living outside of Universal Law. In this workshop, I will introduce you to some concepts that will change the way you look at life. Forever. Most people are focused on being positive and hopeful. Maybe that’s you, too. That’s great if your results match what you want. But sometimes you don’t get what you want and negativity creeps in.

    Are you constantly asking yourself why… Why does this always happen to me? How can I change the course of my life?

    You are in a relationship situation that you want to resolve

    You are playing a much smaller game of comparison and judgement and don’t want to be your own worst enemy

    You are holding yourself back in some way

    You just want to change your perceptions about people in your work life or home life

    You want clarity, certainty and momentum, insights and inspiration 

    You want an expanded mindset.

    This is where you need to be if:

    Client Testimonials

    “The workshop was an incredibly valuable experience and one I will remember for the rest of my life. It has allowed me to let go of my anger and frustration towards the person I chose to focus on today. I found viewing traits from both sides and the positive and negative effects of these to be very valuable. One word for me going forward is believe.”

    - Laura D,

    “The course has opened my heart to looking at life from a different perspective. I liked that it was a small group environment. I feel more balanced and will look at my future decision making from a totally different perspective. Thank you Mandy for your gentle, informative and powerful day of discovery.“

    - Ewa H-S

     Learn a powerful method you can apply to any area of your life

    Understand how the Universe works and get your life flowing in the direction you want it to go.

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