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    Grief and Loss Coaching and Consulting

    Time can heal many things in life. Sometimes that time can span many years or decades, and you can live a half life waiting to feel better. Someday.
    Life is for living after all and if any form of loss is keeping you from  doing that, it's time for you to dissolve your grief. 

    The loss of a close family member

    The loss of a boyfriend or girlfriend

    Loss of a relationship

    Loss of money

    Loss of business

    Loss of a house or job or something that you still miss

    Loss of baby through miscarriage, abortion

    Loss of your life through an untimely diagnosis, or progression of an Illness or a challenging prognosis.

    Loss of a body part or function

    Loss of lifestyle

    Loss of a sense

    Ultimately our grief and loss coaching and consulting is all about dissolving any emotional stress and burden around the event the grief has caused. The constant questioning and associated guilt whether we could have done more or less or something different to change the outcome can keep us stuck. 

    Whatever the form of your grief, a grief coach can help you and your family heal. 

    I haven’t heard of the term a grief life coach before. Maybe that’s a new term., but we both know the people that you loved most in the world and then lost, would not want you suffering any longer that you needed to. They would want you to get on and live your life fully, intentionally and with a presence of mind to appreciate your blessings and surroundings.

    Some of my clients have buried away resentment and grief for years for many reasons, some because that’s how it was and they just had to get on with it. Some have felt so off kilter that they have been merely existing and forgotten how to live fully. If this is you, it’s time to dissolve your burden and your grief.

    It’s time for you to re-enter and revitalize your life. Less dissolve your pain so you can truly feel the presence of your loved one and stop missing them.

    There is a new way of dealing with grief. It's not about you following the rules and doing what you should do or what society says you should do. It’s about approaching your grief and loss with a new methodology that is so effective it will have you appreciating your loved one and your life in a whole new way.

    If you are ready to work with us as your grief and loss coach please reach out today. 

    Universal law of Conservation states; 

    ‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it transforms.’ 

    Let’s honour your loved one's journey. It is a transformational journey that you can now appreciate.