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    Qualified as a Demartini Method® Facilitator for well over a decade using this advanced and transformative method, we have gone on to help hundreds of clients with their mindset and life strategies and dissolve some of their biggest challenges.

    With an International facilitator certification from the Demartini Institute and the Concourse of Wisdom, we have been specializing in dissolving any of the things in the way of you accessing your human awareness and potential.

    Whether you are looking at effective training with our advanced method of transformation, or you are looking at having personal mindset coaching sessions focused specifically on you, we can help. We have a boutique consulting company that is focused on you getting the mindset strategies to create clarity, confidence and results in your life or business.

    Our professional workshop focuses on aligning your mindset, values and energy of the organisation to your professional goals. This approach gives more emphasis on goal setting and achieving as not everyone in your organisation is numerically driven.

    Our Personal workshop focuses is focused on dissolving negative emotion sitting in the way of you living your remarkable life, both at work and home.

    During our first meeting, our role as a facilittor is to ask questions about what you want and what’s in the way of you getting what you want. 

    Demartini Method® Facilitator